The SolEd Difference

Why is SolEd different and how do we do it?

Leases and power purchase agreements are the two most common ways that schools and municipalities pay for their renewable energy projects. A solar lease is similar to a car lease: you pay a monthly fee for the equipment during the lease term and you benefit from reduced energy costs and cleaner energy. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an energy contract where you only pay for the power you use through the system. SolEd owns the system and takes renewable energy tax credits while our customers pay less for energy.

With SolEd, once the initial hardware and installation costs are paid off, we increase your savings – you end up paying less at the end of the contract than at the beginning. A lot less. Take a look at the graph below to see how we’re different.


1. Beginning of SolEd PPA: From Day 1, SolEd’s PPA costs less than the original utility cost of energy. It also costs less than any other PPAs on the market.


2. After the long term debt financing is paid back, the cost of energy begins to de-escalate for SolEd customers.


3. During the period of de-escalation, SolEd recovers all of the original costs associated with installing, while you continue to pay less.


4. In the final stages of the SolEd PPA, you won’t find cheaper energy anywhere.

Only SolEd offers a PPA that declines in price over time.

We understand that the bottom line – savings – is the main driver for schools and municipalities to add energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. As a Benefit Corp, SolEd is committed to saving our customers a significant amount of money by putting people over profits every time.

Let our experts help you realize cost savings and environmental sustainability. Contact us now to learn if our solution is right for you.

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