SolEd Financing

financing_bannerPower Purchase Agreement with Maximized Benefit

SolEd’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows customers to install renewable energy systems with no upfront capital costs. We design, build, own, operate and maintain the renewable energy system for the life of the contract. You buy the power produced by the system instead of buying that power from the local electrical utility. That’s it.

There are many companies that offer solar PPAs, but none that offer what SolEd does: maximized benefits to you, the customer. A typical PPA developer generates large profits from the total financing package, with your energy rate increasing in every year. That’s not our model.

SolEd is a Benefit Corporation (a B Corp), which is a for-profit company that operates in pursuit of our social benefit mission, not to generate maximum profits for our shareholders as traditional for-profit corporations are required to do. At SolEd, our mission is to create a sustainable company while maximizing benefits to our customers: public schools, municipalities and other public service organizations.

Because our mission is to maximize benefit to our customers, SolEd’s PPA pricing is unique. A typical PPA is designed to provide energy at a slightly lower cost that you would pay to the local utility, but nevertheless increases throughout the term. By contrast, SolEd sets PPA prices in order to maximize benefits to you. We leverage energy efficiency and our low overhead to drastically reduce your cost of energy compared to the local utility. The result is that a SolEd PPA costs, cumulatively, less than half of what a typical PPA contract costs during a 25-year agreement.