Our Services

SolEd provides turnkey energy solutions to schools and municipalities, often at little or no cost. We conduct thorough energy audits, feasibility studies and resource assessments to determine the best fit for each customer site. SolEd then finances and oversees the entire project from start to finish. But we don’t stop there.

Once installed, your renewable energy project is a living energy lab and teaching opportunity. SolEd also works with you to bring energy efficiency knowledge and habits to your staff, students and community. We offer integrated, standards-aligned curriculum that connects teachers and students to your energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We can work with you to establish “green teams” and school-to-home programs that significantly broaden the impact of these projects.

Once energy efficiency measures and renewable energy generation systems are operational, we stand by you to ensure consistent, sustained performance. SolEd provides comprehensive O&M for all systems. We install extra metering to allow us to track system performance and precisely report your energy savings. We know of no other renewable energy developer that provides this comprehensive, sustained service and reporting.