One of SolEd’s primary goals is to promote energy through education because we know that kids can lead the way to a sustainable future. As the world moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy options, understanding the technology and the benefits of renewables is essential. If they do, our children will keep up with this growing industry and be prepared for an expanding job market. It is also important for students to be fully up to speed with the social, ecological, and financial impacts of energy. Because of this, SolEd works with schools to implement both energy efficiency projects and curriculum on every project.


  • Adaptable tools and lesson plans
  • Green team guidance
  • School-to-Home programs that engage the community
  • The PV systems and installed efficiency measures integrated into lessons and used as teaching tools
  • Real-time dashboards showing onsite solar energy production for a hands-on learning experience
  • Teachers participate in teacher training workshops to make it easier for them to implement the curriculum


edu-bubblesHow It Works

SolEd partners with acclaimed curriculum developers to deliver integrated, adaptable, standards-based energy curriculum and professional development that utilizes the energy projects at your site as hands-on education tools. SolEd works with you to create “green teams” and design school-to-home programs that engage the entire school community.

The curriculum is designed for different ages and can span multiple class schedules, skill levels and background knowledge. We offer curriculum to teachers as professional development support that they can incorporate into their own programs or use as stand-alone teaching tools.