Why We’re a Benefit Corporation

Our Mission Comes First

We started SolEd with one central purpose: support school budgets with clean energy technology. As a Benefit Corporation, we can fully commit to that mission and maximize the return to our customers rather than to our shareholders.

The Benefit Corporation (sometimes called a “B Corp”), is an alternative for-profit corporate structure. Most businesses attempt to maximize shareholder value. Our B Corp status allows us to take advantage of certain tax incentives while delivering maximum savings to schools in a sustainable, responsible, and transparent way. B-Corps use the power of business and traditional safe-and-sound financing techniques to address society’s greatest challenges. Our partners share our interest in preserving the environment for future generations.

“It’s what allows us to be unique,” says David Kunhardt, one of SolEd’s founding partners. “We’ve all had successful careers and operating as a Benefit Corp gives us the opportunity to give back by sharing our expertise and putting it to good use.”