Easily Make the Switch to Green Energy - for Less.

We finance, build & manage solar energy projects for municipalities, schools, and public benefit organizations.

Clear the Air of Greenhouse Gases - While Saving Money

No upfront costs or financing needed.

We design, build, pay for, and operate renewable energy systems, so you can avoid upfront capital expense or financing.

No construction or maintenance.

You get consistent, sustained performance, comprehensive operations, full maintenance for all systems, plus regular reports.

Get transparency & education.

We work with you to demystify solar energy and educate your entire organization to broaden the impact of your project. The solar becomes a teaching tool.

Save more money over time.

SolEd sets a Power Purchase Agreement prices to maximize your cost savings and have them decline in rate over 20-25 years, like no other PPA.

Eliminate Risk & Save More Money Now, and Over Time

Our goal is to provide you with significant savings for the long term, so you can save while going green.

With SolEd's unique Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) energy contract, you pay only for the energy delivered and metered. You benefit from reduced energy costs, cleaner energy and you don’t have the burden of paying off the lease or loan.

Once the initial hardware and installation costs are paid for (by us), we increase your savings so you end up paying less at the end of the contract than at the beginning. A lot less. Take a look at the graph to compare and see how we’re different.

Our customers pay less for solar energy compared to other companies – a lot less.


A Painless Transition to Sustainable Energy

Energy Audit & Reduction

The first step in achieving energy savings is to understand how you are currently utilizing energy. If we can see how a facility uses energy over time, we can engineer the most effective solution going forward.

Before design or installation, we implement efficiency measures to reduce usage to make sure the solar will be right-sized to the need.

Design & Construction

We work to design and construct a high quality new power project, at no cost to you.

SolEd works in partnership with highly qualified EPC contractors to install energy efficiency and solar generation facilities.

The solar will run on bright days and at times run your utility meter backwards, building credits up in your favor.

Operation & Maintenance

We provide ongoing operations, maintenance, and reporting allowing you to focus on your core mission. 

We also provide you with flexible buyout options. With the declining PPA rate, the cost of any buyout you choose will be lower than anywhere else.

Reporting & Monitoring

We understand your need to know how these energy efficiency and renewable energy systems are affecting your bottom line. So we install an extra meter and monitoring to allow us — and you — quickly to determine if your systems are functioning optimally and to calculate exactly how much money, energy and pollutants you are saving.

Benefits People, the Planet and our Shared Prosperity.